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PDH Home Base is working towards bringing the Pauper EDH, and budget EDH community together, with the hopes of giving all players the resources they need to play this format of Magic: the Gathering, in the most affordable way possible.  This website has been created by fans, for fans. 

Do you have questions?  Spot a mistake?  Want to make an inquiry, or a suggestion?   For any reason at all, please feel free to send us a message via the link below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


These are some of the nice people who put a lot of time into creating content, resources and maintaining the community:


My name is Dave but I'm Alkadron most places online. I'm part of the writing team for PDH Home Base. I've been playing Magic since 1995, and PDH since 2013. I've got a lot of favorite decks so I won't try to list them here, but the general theme is: I like all-in decks that do things much more than decks that prevent your opponents from doing anything. I play a lot of Red and do not regret it.


My name is Derek in real life and also on discord. I write articles for PDH Home Base focusing on deckbuilding process and practice. There probably isn't a bigger fan of linear aggro decks in multiplayer formats, and I'm always up for a discussion about how Jund is the deepest midrange strategy in the format.


Mr. Pod

I'm Jonathan Podkomorka or Mr. Pod and I am the PDH Home Base Coordinator and Admin. I started in the PDH community by creating resources on Tappedout and since then also adopted the PDH Facebook group. My favorite deck archetype is Flicker/Blink so I love making any deck with white blue and maybe a third color full of ETB effects and flicker combos!



I am Ruffigan, a senior member of the PDH Home Base. I am an admin on /r/PauperEDH, create Pauper EDH resources on TappedOut, and write articles for the PDH Home Base. My favorite Magic colors are Black and Red, and my favorite thing about PDH is building Rube Goldberg Machines.


Hello. My name is Paul, and I go by Scarecrow1779 online. I'm an article writer for PDH Home Base and a moderator for the PauperEDH subreddit. I started playing magic during OG Mirrodin. I played kitchen table casual from 2004-2012, and have been playing mostly EDH since 2012. I started playing PDH and Pauper around the beginning of 2018. I am a brewer at heart and love creating new, inventive strategies and honing them to the point of being competitive. My current favorite deck is Renegade Rallier infinite combos because the deck is resilient, plays differently every time, and can create large creatures, despite being a combo deck.


Hi, I'm Sebastian and go by the alias Ursine. I now run the website, write articles and am something like the chief editor for the writers here. I've played Magic on and off since 1995. I'm control player at heart and pretty proud of my evil smile when I pass the turn with two untapped islands. In multiplayer format I pledge my allegiance more with the Lords of Greed and Value. Why kill a player when you can draw an extra card instead.

Who the Hell

I am Thomas aka Who the Hell or just Who. I write decktechs and card reviews for the PDH Home Base. I love brewing decks in all EDH variants, if possible doing something that the color usually does not. I enjoy multiple small things happening, so my favorite archetypes are Spellslinger and Flicker, naturally.



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